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Cocktail party etiquette:
Hold your drink in left hand so the right is ready to shake hands, and is dry /warm from icy drinks.

Here’s a feature via THE GREEN ROMANTIC, regarding organic vodka, a gift idea, plus a couple cocktail recipes:
“The Gift Series: Love Cocktail Lovers.”



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photo by John Gladman

photo by John Gladman


“Writer in Residence”
Miss T. is presently on a “Writer in Residence” expedition, exploring northeast Kansas. Find more information here.

Feature “Residence”: Paola, Kansas.
Here are a few features:

● Via “Jacquée T. Writer in Residence” TRAVEL: “The picturesque square.”
● Via “Jacquée T. Writer in Residence” VIGNETTES: “It’s Black & White ….”
● Via “Writer in Residence” TRAVEL: “Take a ‘Gallery visits’ excursion”

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