A good “line” – when a fella approaches

February 7, 2009.
Okay, available bachelors! You may try to prove yourself eligible to fruits of their eye, if you will. You might see a woman who intrigues you, and figure that as a stranger approaching her, you have a few seconds, or one “line,” to break the ice — and hopefully not fall below it.

That’s pretty accurate. Many women will quickly knock you off any traction you felt you might have had, then ice-skate away. While, a woman like me will respond politely to a polite gesture. However, I too might feel poised to skate away. To be intrigued by the gesture is a whole other area. And this is up to you, fellas.

Two key words for the opening “line:” sincerity, and improvisation.

A practiced “line” will likely tire the gal, the moment it leaves your lips.

Or not. One opening line that I remember with a smile was, “Greetings, earthling!” The fella said it with the right voice and comical expression. Whether he had used that before or not didn’t matter. We were seated a few seats apart at a wine bar that had was busy and had loud, upbeat music. I was writing in my journal/book. He turned to me with the introduction, and I had to smile. “Greetings!” I replied. He and I began a delightful conversation. We didn’t end up dating.  Yet we enjoyed each other’s company for a delightful while.

Another first line I heard from a fellow I did end up dating was, “You dance incredibly,” after I’d arrived off the dance floor from dancing the jitterbug.  His voice revealed a sincere compliment. We had a nice conversation and I accepted a date, that led to a romantic relationship. 

My point is, fellows, is that when you find yourself wanting to approach a gal who intrigues you, don’t think too much about what to say. Say what comes naturally, and be respectful as to whether or not she person wants to talk with you.

Even a simple “hello” along with a smile, could make a fine first impression. And, make your gesture memorable with a smile —  however long you and the lady are acquainted.


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