A good pour

February 10, 2009.
I enjoy a good pour of wine. I’m not  a wine connoisseur, however I’m  a wine afficionada, or zealot. Because wine’s romantic, in my book.  I make it an experience, as every wine lover has the option.

The right wine, to me has a velvety taste, per red wines, or a crisp taste per whites.

I can select the right glass to pour it in. There are red wine glasses, and white wine glasses. Each category of glassware may also offer specific designs for Pinot Noir, per se, or for Pinot Blanc.

Is it all hype? Well, that’s up to me  — as ’tis to others who love wine and glassware.

Personally, I revere the “red wine” vs. the “white wine” glass. Red wine needs a wide bowl, to aerate its qualities. White wine needs a narrow bowl to contain its.

My glassware collection distinguishes red wine and white wine glasses. From there I select glasses that suit my style. Whether I pour a Burgundy or a Malbec, the red wine glasses  accomodate their integrity. Whether I pour a Gewertzaminer or a Chardonnay, the white wine glasses capture their essence.

As for selecting which wine to pour, everyone’s palate evolves. I advise folks  to try different wines and take note, and to attend wine tastings. Good wine stores offer free tastings, and specialized wine tastings at fair prices.

Partake in tastings that appeal to you. From there you’ll find adjectives to help describe your desired wines to wine shop sellers and to restaurant sommeliers.

Options include:  Light, Medium, or Full-Bodied, dry or sweet, for either color wine. Apple or peach for white wine, currant or cherry, for red wine. Crisp per white, earthy  per red.

No worries whether you’re “supposed” to like certain wines.  Over time, as you learn to describe your preferences, you help others land you to good pours.

Whether you’re treating yourself to a glass or sharing a bottle with a companion, or a sweetheart …

… The idea is to raise the glass to your lips, and enjoy the essence with present company. Whoever is involved may take comfort in a good pour, and a sigh.

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