A harmless song ….

The building seemed quiet, as it was Easter and the majority of residents were likely out to visit family, or sequestered with company in their condos. That must have been in the back of my mind when I returned from errands and started singing in the elevator.

My own holiday plans were postponed. This was a good day to get back inside and write. While waiting for the elevator, a sappy ’80s song came over the building sound system. Inside, I laughed at the song. Then I realized how even it could take me back in time, to where I was those years ago when the song came out.

I waited alone for the elevator. I was in the elevator alone. I allowed myself to sing the song I’d just heard. Worse, I started to tune my vocal chords over it.

When I arrived to my floor, there was a neighbor. One whom I know only by saying hello when we see each other in common areas. We said hello again, and “Happy Easter” and he got on the elevator and left.

I realized he must have heard my singing — a sappy song and stopping to tune my vocal chords.

Not a favored impression to offer. When someone doesn’t know you and they catch you out in public singing to yourself — badly — they may make all sorts of interpretations of your personality. Most of them wrong.

Ah, well. No harm done. Just a little quirk in the day before I sit down to write.

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