Cinderella at midnight

Wee hours of March 1st 2009.
I, the proprietress of Detour Productions, had promised in a previous announcement that the next e-zine would be sent “by the end of February.”

It seemed do-able o those weeks ago, to deliver that shiny promise. I’d already formatted the e-zine, and had the article ideas laid out.

And here I was tonight, after a couple weeks reality — after other projects to tend, and touches of the flu. ‘Twas 10:30 p.m. on the last day of February — with me at the volatile edges of my promise, and with my infliction of perfectionism.

I had to nurture the e-zine before letting it go. I had to keep my promise of submitting it by the end of February. The minute before or after midnight, made the difference between the carriage and the pumpkin.

I leapt to combine it all, the perfectionism to dance with the minutes before.

Reality invaded perfectionism. I’d opted to photograph a  taper candle, lit with a delicate flame, to accompany an e-zine article. Easily done usually, yet tonight my digital camera insisted the ”MEMORY CARD IS WRITE PROTECTED.”  Per that inescapable “error message,” I couldn’t photograph  the lit candle for the e-zine.

Select e-zine HEX background colors didn’t match as originally represented. Text per column adjustment, seemed askew.

I dropped a shoe, as the clock ticked. Things that should have taken moments to adjust, weighted delicate time.

Time to let go! I hit “Send Now” to submit the e-zine, minutes before midnight, aware that the e-zine service could eat any number of those minutes before delivering to my lists.

The e-zine reached recipients pre-midnight, February 28. My promise was kept, despite my dropped shoe.

Ah well, now here we are. With the dropped perfection easy enough for me to identify and polish the scuffs.

While the mislaid imperfection is for the prince to find, and to seek to match to me.

Looking back, the perfectionism in my rush to make the deadline, was compromised. Yet the delivered content was vast, and from the heart. Any scuffs were unnoticeable to other eyes than mine, yet could be easily buffed with a follow-up note, should I feel the need now that midnight was gone.

I guess it’s more important to stick to a promise without perfection than to sacrifice a promise to accommodate perfection.

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