Love an Irish community with “Waking Ned Devine”

_______________ initially published in March 2013 _______________

Meet citizens of the coastal hamlet Tullymore
 as they figure out that one of them has won the Irish National Lottery!

This news shakes many relationships, yet the resonating question is, will this winning ticket weave this cozy community closerWaking Ned Devine together or shred them apart?

A few relationships take the spotlight, including men who have been pals most their lives, a couple that have been married for decades, and folks from younger generations who seek happiness. We viewers meet them in their private homes, and as they greet the rest of the townspeople in the local pub or local church.

The story unfolds with charm and builds suspense regarding whether the community as a whole will win or lose — as the one stranger, the Lottery Observer, visits for interviews and observations.

We viewers become entangled in the mix, and are left with eyes smiling at human relationships.


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