A ‘Royale’ cocktail for Valentine’s celebration

__________________________________ February, 2018

O yes, ’tis Valentine’s season and a perfect time to toast — to celebration, to your sweetheart. To the romantic season.
     I suggest a “Royale” cocktail, more specifically a “Boodles Royale.” I had the pleasure of tasting it, and indeed suggest raising a glass with it.
     Here’s more information, darlings!

About a “Royale”
     A “Royale” is a red cocktail, apropos for Valentine’s season. It is an elegant concoction, made with champagne or other sparkling wine, a red berry liqueur, and garnish.

Boodles Royale

     The sparkling wine presents a bubbly base, popping with bubbles. The liqueur adds a red tint, and veils a delicious berry flavor. Add the garnish to complete a classy Royale.
     The champagne or sparkling wine may be light and sweet with soft bubbles, or dry with robust bubbles.
     The red liqueur has a hearty liquor base, for example tequila, vodka or gin, that is infused with red berries.
     The garnish may be sprig, berry, or citrus.
     All this, served in a champagne glass or champagne flute.

About “Boodles Royale”
It is made with Boodles Mulberry Gin, that is a passionate addition to the Boodles British Gin repertoire.

“Boodles Royale” recipe:
• three parts champagne or sparkling wine
• one part Boodles Mulberry Gin
• lemon twist garnish

     I savor this as the “Boodles Mulberry” base is Boodles signature gin, that is clean distilled with British wheat, then instilled with natural herbs and spices sage, rosemary and nutmeg. Boodles gin is made without citrus botanicals. This is a decision meticulously made by the distillers, who anticipate that their gin, and the cocktails made with it, will have a citrus garnish. And that twist will add the appropriate amount of citrus to complete the experience.

     Boodles Mulberry has a Boodles traditional gin base, infused with mulberries. At taste it holds Boodles gin undertones, with hearty currants and raspberry overtones.
     It is beautiful to pour into a flute of champagne, and makes a delicious Royale. The lemon makes a decorative garnish, and adds a tinge of citrus taste.

Tip: The recommended champagne or sparkling for a Boodles Royale is a Brut, or dry selection.

More information
     Boodles Mulberry is the first mulberry gin available in North America.
     To order your Boodles Mulberry, link here.
     For more Boodles Mulberry cocktail recipes, visit here, and scroll to “Cocktails & Concoctions.”

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