Destination – Kansas

I’m in Kansas now. Delivered from Chicago via the Amtrak Southwest Chief and still basking in the new atmosphere. I arrived wearing my travel dress and a few days later was sojourning at the Circle S Ranch outside of Lawrence wearing cowgirl getup. I have had the pleasure of trying wines from Kansas wineries Jefferson Jacquee T. Writer in ResidenceHill, and Wyldewood.

I’ll return to Circle S later, explore more wines, and sojourn at a few other unique destinations. Now I’m back in Lawrence, exploring the downtown most days. Also, I am working with Jay Wachs, proprietor of Lawrence to set up a book signing for my poetry book and a reception.

Kansans are friendly, genuine and upbeat. The ambience in this part of the world is much different than ’tis in Chicago. “But of course,” you say, and I anticipated it when I arrived. Now I’m experiencing the differences intimately. I will elaborate sharing one story at a time.

Jacquee T. at Circle S RanchYou are cordially invited to join me on the
“Writer in Residence actual and virtual expedition,”
maiden destination: Kansas.
Choice of travel: train.
The story continues to unfold.

O yes,  and along with the Travelogue, I am working on stories and narratives to be published via Kindle. Among the first: For the Love of Chocolate.

Find updates and perspectives via the “Writer in Residence” and “Vignettes drop down menus above.  For example:
‘The midnight train – a romantic journeys to Kansas”
‘A moonrise beholder: my ranch hours.”

Also, in honor of Writer in Residence, celebrate words with us via “Word of the Day.”

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Thank you. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.


Jacquee T.



***PHOTOS by John Gladman, John Gladman Photography


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