Offer her a ‘cowgirl day’

Invite her to be a Cowgirl, and you will be her Cowboy!
This First Dates article is inspired by my being a “Writer in Residence” in Kansas. It includes tips for arranging a “cowgirl date” wherever you are located.
     I feel inspired to suggest a Cowboy-Cowgirl date when I stay at Circle S Ranch and Country Inn in rural Lawrence. Guests may opt for horseback riding, or request a picnic basket prepared by the Circle S chef and find a spot along the acreage to enjoy a scenic picnic.

     So fellas, via this experience, I nudge you to invite her to be a Cowgirl for a Day. You can be in Kansas or anywhere near an establishment that offers horseback riding.

Horseback ridingFirst Dates- Horseback Riding
     Did she have a pony when she was a girl or has she never touched a horse’s mane? Her horse riding experience is important to know and to communicate to the horse riding guide.
     The guide will assign her the horse per experience. Yet even the most gentle horse has its own notions in taking the trail it’s taken so many times, and its own mood in dealing with the day, and with your darling.
     That’s the beauty of it, Once you hit the trail, her experience with the horse is out of your hands. Yet you may offer her a hand in mounting the horse. (Ladies, receive it as a chivalric gesture, like his opening a door for you.) But of course she’ll be fine when you hit the trail, and so will you. The guide is to assure that. After the ride, chop-chop and arrive in position to help her dismount.

Picnic on the ranchPicnic
     Relish more the country surroundings with a picnic, before or after the ride.
Places like Circle S prepare a basket per advanced request. Other options: fill a basket with select items from your favorite restaurant or deli, or pack delectables you prepared. Remember a potable to toast, and dessert.

     Cowboys didn’t wear sunglasses; their hat brims shielded their eyes from the sun and the wind and the rain. Make her feel more like a cowgirl by wearing some of the getup. The Circle S has hats to lend. Or, find a local western style store or a resale shop to get a cowboy and cowgirl hat.  Bring accessories like a bandannas for each of you, and a boot bracelet for her.

Make it a date
     The Romantic’s First Dates mantra is:
     Get acquainted with a new love interest
     or re-acquainted with your darling.

     Accommodations like Circle S Ranch and Country Inn offer horseback riding to their guests only. That’s fabulous to get re-acquainted with your darling.
     However, if you’re on a new love-interest date, find a place that offers horseback riding separate from overnight accommodations. In this area of Kansas, for example, Happy Trails southwest of Topeka offers horseback riding.
Find horseback riding near you: Get online and search “horseback riding near [your location].”
     Make arrangements for the ride, the picnic and the getup, and invite her to be
Cowgirl for a Day!

More information
About Circle S Ranch and Country Inn
Happy Trails Horseback Rides

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★ photos courtesy of John Gladman, John Gladman Photography
★ Jacquée  T.’s ‘Cowgirl getup’ in photos provided by Roy Frey Western Lifestyles.

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