The Great Big Date – a singles-only soirée

Valentine’s season

Singles, you’re romantic! Stake your claim on the romantic holiday. Get out and celebrate. Go to a singles-only gathering.
     Don’t approach it as a ‘seeking someone’ party. Approach it as a great big date. ‘Tis a gathering of fellas and gals, a chance to enjoy each other’s company, to chat or flirt a bit. That alone is relishing in your romantic side.

The ‘Great Big Date’ concept
     Single, unattached folks are in attendance, and so every male-female encounter is treated as a date. That encounter may last in simply exchanging smiles while passing, or while chatting or joking or flirting.

Singles, celebrate Valentine's seasonRules and guidelines
 The first rule is Respect. Fellas, approach gals with respect. And gals, receive kind initiatives with respect. Vice versa for both.
  Second rule, there’s no obligation to stick together. This is a mingling affair.
 Conversely, there’s no time limit to enjoying each other’s company. Be mindful as to if or not the attraction is mutual. If ’tis, wonderful! Continue the interaction. If not, no worries. Move on to mingle with others.

The fun of it!
     You are exercising your romantic side. You are partaking in the romantic holiday. You deserve that, because you are romantic.

     The singles-only gathering you attend, accommodates your fulfillment in mingling with other singles. Hopefully, the party or event provides an inspiring atmosphere, and surely you add to the positive energy. Cheers to that!
     Overall, you approach this singles gathering as a great big date: You’re putting yourself out there, mingling, and respectful of the other person’s space. That’s basically what a first date is. Only here, you are attending an all-singles Great Big Date. And together, you are all celebrating romance — which is what Valentine’s Day is about.

     Other ideas for singles during Valentine’s season:
  Find Valentine’s ‘Singles-only’ parties
—-Search for Valentine’s Singles parties in your area.
  Attend a Valentine’s Singles-Only party
—–If a friend or acquaintance hosts a Valentines Singles soirée, attend with verve.
  Elect a theme for your party.
—–For example — host a “Red Party.” Invitees wear red, a red tie for the fellows, for example, a red dress or skirt for the ladies. Or, wear a red corsage or boutonniere. Serve red drinks and red appetizers. 

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