Oysters after work – love casual elegance at a Chicago icon

She works in your office or an associated office, and you feel inspired to invite her to an after work drink where you may become further acquainted. Invite her to a cozy Chicago icon like Shaw’s Crab House in the River North neighborhood.
     Shaw’s offers oysters on the half shell, one plate from the east coast, another plate from the west coast. Seven days a week they offer each at half price special, 4 p.m.-6 p.m.
     That’s the Shaw’s Oyster Bar special to celebrate oysters, the end of a workday and the beginning of the evening. Other appetizers are available along with a full bar menu.
     Fellas, the oyster special is for you to know, and her to consider while you both toast first drinks. Oysters are famous aphrodisiacs, yet that’s moot if romance isn’t established. So focus on the romance. Toasting at Shaw’s Crab House could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
Shaw’s Crab House
     Shaw’s is a Chicago icon. It’s been a Hubbard Street venue for over 25 years, bringing fresh seafood to the Windy City and supporting live music.
     It has an Oyster Bar for appetizers and entertainment, and a main dining room. Shaw’s Oyster Bar features live music Sundays-Thursdays starting at 7 p.m.  Performances feature local Jazz and Blues musicians.
     Shaw’s Crab House has integrity regarding the seafood offered. It honors the Shedd Aquarium https://www.aromanticsperspective.com/firstdateschicago-oysters/
The oysters
     Shaw’s oysters come from the United States East and West Coast cold waters depending on the season and availability, and are flown in six mornings a week.
     The raw oysters are served on half shells with choice among three sauces: tabasco, cocktail sauce with horseradish, and an ice mignonette.
     “We grind our own horseradish to serve it fresh,” says Stephen LaHaie, Managing Partner at Shaw’s Crab House. Mignonette is a sauce with crushed pepper and shallots, he says. “We freeze ours.”
The etiquette
     Oysters on the half shell are to be lifted and slurped from the shell, says Mr. LaHaie. Lift each serving with, or sans, select sauces and go for it.
     Oyster forks are provided to sever the muscle from the shell. Shaw’s Crab House provides oyster forks as a formality, and present the oysters already separated.
     Fellas, take a gentleman’s initiative and prepare the first oyster for her. Firstly, chat with her to know if or not she’s familiar with oysters on the half shell. Secondly, say “May I?” as you lift a shell, and prepare the oyster to her liking. Hand her her oyster, and prepare your own to follow suit.
The elegance
     “Oysters have a luxuriousness to them in their simplicity,” Mr. LaHaie says. “They’re fun to eat with other people.”
Shaw’s Crab House offers a traditional oysters on the half shell in a Chicago signature venue.

More information
Shaw’s Crab House is at 21 East Hubbard Street. For more information, visit here.
Shedd Aquarium  offers a “Recommended Restaurants guide” to find establishments that offer sustainable seafood choices. Access it here.

*To learn more about oysters, check out The Green Romantic article “Oysters on the menu.”

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