Five Romantic Movies  initially published in Romantic’s February 2010. The subject is timeless!
Here are movies  I recommend that are classics, in my opinion, for viewers who want to stumble into a love story.

As a writer and romantic, I demand movies that provide a convincing relationship between the hero and heroine. I need to believe they’re in love, and that requires a sturdy storyline and a synergy between the leading man and the leading lady. When we viewers have that, we fall emotionally involved with the movie.

Five movies that capture romance
Here are five movies I recommend for those who want to cozy up to an engaging love story. The movies are listed in no particular order; it depends on your mood. Some are drama; some are comedy. The most stirring aspect for each, is feeling the joy and the pain of true love.

1. Casablanca (1942)
If you’ve seen this classic, have you seen it lately? The more you know love, the more this movie stirs you.

This is a silver screen film about star-crossed lovers, and about how love prevails between a couple even after a war that had separated them.






2. Map of the Human Heart (1993)
A childhood connection transcends to adulthood. “When a man loves a woman” is depicted here. He loves her, pursues her, understands her. Other passions come into play, including personal ambitions and personal “maps” meant to graph destiny. The film also depicts action and intimate perspectives of World War II.






3. Raggedy Man (1981)
A sailor on his way to Navy training for World War II, happens upon a widow and her two young sons, in a small town where they are susceptible to all eyes upon them – and they, like everyone else, are trying to survive.

*Jacquée T. nominated this movie in the “Best Onscreen Kiss” category of Oscars, if there were one, in her first “Vignettes” weblog.





4. Groundhog Day. (1993)
It takes the main character, Phil, awhile to realize he’s on a journey – and that that journey is stopped every night February 2nd, and begins the next morning, February 2nd.

Somehow Phil’s caught on a perpetual “Groundhog Day.” He has a chance to start again, every morning, especially in pursuing his love interest. Yet whatever he’s accomplished by night’s end disappears, and he’s back to February 2nd morning again. How does he survive another day?






5. Better Off Dead. (1985)
Let go of all reality and be ready to laugh at love and at life. This movie allows you this, while taking love and life as seriously as teenagers do, and we all do.


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