Flowers for everyone

January 10, 2009.

Freshcuts are a beautiful and fragrant part of  life. If you order flowers, or purchase them at a storefront, please take note to order organic or fair trade  flowers.

Most folks aren’t aware that most commercial flowers are shipped from countries where slave labor, and exposing workers to chemicals, and use of mucho-chemicals, are practiced.

How romantic is that, “Darling, here’s a flower” … where prior the clipping, a worker was deemed no longer able to work because the chemicals finally disabled her.

It happens, yet in these countries the workers have few or no rights. And they need the work, so it’s a vicious cycle.

So again I say, seek organic or fair trade flowers. Here in Chicago, I find them at the local Whole Foods.

Online, I go to  Organic Bouquet. This is from an earth and environment consciuous company. They’re all about organic and fair trade. Good to the earth and good to the workers. Up till February 1st, the offer a $20 discount on Valentine’s orders.

Gents order for your lady, an elegant bouquet now, and ladies sans a gent, order for yourself.

An organic bouquet. This is good for the gifter, and for the giftee, and the earth. And the workers who pluck the flowers.

Darling, I took time in selecting this bouquet, so it served the earth the workers who brought it, and you.

What an elegant flower, the one brought with most care for everyone, to compliment the recipient.

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