Word of the Day: Gallant – be active or ‘verb’ about it

October 1, 2013.
I love that
 Gallant has more than one pronunciation, and especially that it may be used as a verb.

— For a noun, ’tis [gahl-ANT] or [gah-LHANT].
— As an adjective ’tis [GAL-uhnt].
— And, as a verb it’s back to [gahl-ANT] or [gah-LHANT].

This is a noble word that by tradition refers to gentlemen. Most of us are familiar with the Gallant noun and adjective definitions. Yet few of us are aware that we may use Gallant as a verb.

The noun and adjective definitions refer to a brave, spirited, noble-minded and chivalrous man. One who is respectful and exceptionally attentive to women. We all gotta love that. It welcomes a beautiful and natural exchange. And I gotta say:
— I will ever appreciate a gallant [gah-LHANT], and …
— Gallant [GAL-uhnt] men are ever welcome in my life.

I drew the definitions referred above via Dictionary.com. This also lists a noun definition as “suitor or lover.” Swell enough, yet the “suitor” better be a gallant man, to qualify as a gallant.

Now, I love that Gallant is also a verb. Both Dictionary.com and Merriam-Webster.com refer to it as courting a lady. However using Gallant [gahl-ANT] as a verb or action is unchartered territory for me. Thank goodness Merriam-Webster.com cites a usage:
—– <used to gallant her in his youth — Washington Irving>

Sweet! Yet fellas, never stop gallanting. You will likely get better at it with age.

Fellas, how would you Gallant the ladies in your life?
Ladies, expect to be Gallanted.

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