Get outside –to something like “Howl Nights”

Autumn, 2011

 Autumn is a lovely time to invite your darling outdoors. Look to area nature preserves. Many offer events that celebrate the season. Or, they offer ongoing events that are ver-ly appropriate to autumn, with a memorable twist.
Here’s an event that’s a perfect example. Please also see the “Make it a Date” notation below.
Howl with the wolves
         Wolf Park is a 75-acre nature preserve that accommodates a natural habitat including ‘resident wolves’ that roam a seven-acre enclosed area. The Park invites guests to “Howl Nights” weekend nights throughout the year. Guests watch from bleachers as the staff bring the “resident wolves” into an enclosed showcase area and talk about wolves’ nature, including their nature to howl.
At times, staff prompt guests to howl at the wolves, ergo experience the wolves howling back. This is a fine time to cozy close, and to go ahead and howl!

More information:
Wolf Park is approximately one hour from Indianapolis, two hours from downtown Chicago Loop, three hours from Cincinnati, and four hours from Columbus.
*Wolf Park offers Howl Nights early May through mid-December. These specially-scheduled nights last 7:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m. After Hours last 8:30 p.m.-11 p.m.
General admission is $8/ person. Howl Nights and After Hours admission is an additional $7/person .
For more information, including updated schedules and pricing, visit 

Make it a Date:
Fellas, if you live too far away to take your sweetheart to “Howl Nights,” use your favorite Internet search engine to find a nature preserve in your area. Peruse the select web site for unique programs that would make a fun date. Or, call the place and tell them you’re planning a date, and ask for suggestions. 

* In a related article by Jacquée T.: Why ‘Howl Nights’ make a great date night – she reminisces about an impromptu howling at the moon with a pal.

————– *photo by Monty Sloan/ Wolf Park

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