Penguins and tigers and polar bears — o my! Gift animal lovers with wildlife adoption

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Give a gift to wildlife and to animal lovers via the Defenders of Wildlife “Adoption & Gift Center.” Gifts are designed to be aesthetic; they feature the select species, and  include hand-held keepsakes like a personalized certificate of adoption, and “plush,” or cuddly versions of select animals.

Penguins are among 30 wildlife species in need of protection, and up for "adoption" via  the Wildlife Adoption & Gift Center.Penguins, Tigers and Polar Bears
… are among 30 endangered species featured in the Defenders of Wildlife adoption program.

The Defenders of Wildlife Adoptions promote our becoming more familiar with them via fact sheets. For example,
the largest of the penguins are called Emperor Penguins and can stand as tall as 3-feet and weigh up to 60 pounds.
tigers are superb swimmers and can catch prey while swimming.
polar bears weigh about a pound at birth yet grow up to weigh up to 1,700 pounds.

The above provide only one fact among a profound fact sheet per species. ‘Tis all part of becoming intimate with the adoption, and with wildlife that needs you.

Pause to love the animals this holiday season

The wildlife adoption gift is an elegant pause amid the frenzied gift unwrapping and passing presents for view. Here’s a gift to appeal to the animal lover’s heart, and to honor them with wildlife support on their behalf.

More information: Gifts include the select wildlife certificate of adoption, a photo and fact sheet, for as little as $15, and may include a plush or two of the select animal, and for kids a “Wildlife Activities Book” for up to $90.

Adoption proceeds support positive action toward The Endangered Species Act, active education to promote the species’ welfare, and efforts to provide sanctuary.

To select wild animals and order an adoption package, visit here.

For limited time holiday specials on select adoptions, visit here.


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