Broken Shed premium vodka gets a Green Romantic kiss! — love the whey, plus ways to love vodka

I was invited to try Broken Shed Vodka, and took interest as it is made from all natural ingredients, sans additives. In exploring Broken Shed, I learned more about vodka, and about premium vodka in particular.
     Broken Shed is from New Zealand and is crafted from local ingredients, specifically water and whey. ’Tis made from two select water sources , and distilled via pure whey. It has earned a Green Romantic kiss! per its natural whey base and its earthy savor.
     Here I feature the whey and its attribution to making Broken Shed a premium vodka. Below I provide a link that features the Broken Shed distinct water sources, and a vodka cocktail recipe.Broken Shed Vodka
     Here goes!
The whey
     Vodka may be distilled via selections of fermented wheat, corn, rye, sugar cane or potatoes, for example. Broken Shed uses fermented whey. “Whey is the excess sugar from milk production,” says Mark Simmonds, Broken Shed co-founder and distiller. “We call it milk honey.”
     The Broken Shed team ferments whey into alcohol, and then distills it. Fermenting whey renders a very clean alcohol with natural flavor nuances.

Premium Vodka
     Vodka ingredients and how it is made distinguishes whether or not it’s premium, and distinguishes whether it is crafted or merely processed. On the market, vodkas may be categorized as “premium” per their quality, their price, or per sheer packaging and avid promotion. Aficionados know that quality is what truly makes a vodka premium.
     As for Broken Shed, the selection of a whey distillate contributes to its being a premium vodka. “When whey is distilled properly, it can make the purest form of spirit,” Mr. Simmonds says.


The Green Romantic kiss!
    Broken Shed is crafted from local, all natural simple ingredients. The whey presents natural flavors that overcome need for additives and result in a pure taste that honors the vodka integrity.
     To boot, Broken Shed has an intimate history. Its namesake is a backyard shed owned by one of the co-founders, where the vodka was originally crafted. That shed now serves as a tasting room.
Tasting notes
    Broken Shed is made via 60 percent water and 40 percent whey.
The whey promotes a vanilla nose and a hint of butterscotch, Mr. Simmonds says. The blended mineral water gives Broken Shed a lightly sweet finish.
     As for me, I sense the vanilla bouquet. It echoes in the taste with heartiness that suggests butterscotch candy and perhaps a hint o’ sage. Mostly, I feel sated by a clean, sturdy vodka savor.
Love vodka
     ‘Tis recommended to chill vodka before serving. Savor a premium vodka like Broken Shed by serving it neat, over ice, with a citrus fruit twist*, with berries, or a splash of juice.
More information
●  Broken Shed premium vodka suggested retail price is $34.99.
●  Broken Shed entered the United States market in summer, 2012. Call your favorite spirits retailer and ask if they have it available.
●  Broken Shed is 40% whey, and 60% water. To learn more, visit here.

*A ‘Green Romantic’ reminder, when adding citrus twists or garnishes, clean the rinds first to wash off pesticides or germs from human contact.
**  Initially published in April 2013.


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