Love for Words — ‘Harvest Moon’

October 1, 2017

____  The Harvest Moon comes once per year.

‘Tis the first full moon nearest the autumnal equinox. Harvest Moon is “featured” in the sky three days because of this particular time of year and the earth’s position with the moon. Normally, the moonrise is about 50 minutes apart from the night before. However, during Harvest Moon three evenings, the moonrises are about 27 minutes apart.

Now, this time of year has been for centuries, the harvest season for North America and Europe. Back before electric light and tractors with lights, the harvest moon was especially significant. Farmers knew they had three nights with extra time to work by, provided by skylight after sunset.

For us in modern day, we may pause to enjoy the moonrise in a particular autumn beauty. Because of the moon’s position with earth this time of year, we view the moonrise close to the horizon – through the earth’s atmosphere, that is thicker than the atmosphere above it. It is because of this point of view that we oft see the moon in a yellow, orange or reddish hue.

While we do not need it to guide while reaping harvests, we might enjoy the extra natural light this night, seated for our own personal view, or to take a stroll with a friend.

The Harvest Moon 2017 most luminous evening is October 5th.

Will you pause to view the Harvest Moon this year?


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