Ideas for Valentines

My friend Ron asked if I’d planned to host any events for Valentine’s Day. He was interested in things for couples.

I’m hosting a “‘Young at Heart’ Party,” I told him, featuring ways to keep yourself looking and feeling young, including a cutting edge spa product. I’ll be hosting these types of parties on a regular basis.
As far as things for couples, here in Chicago  Odyssey Cruises might have seating left on their Valentine’s dinner cruise. Marigold restaurant is featuring  Kama Sutra menu for Valentine’s Day.

Other suggestions for couples to celebrate: If you have a favorite restaurant, you may call them and ask if they have Valentine’s specials. With any nice restaurant you can — Valentine’s Day or any day — call ahead for the reservation and ask that they have a select bottle of wine or champagne waiting at your table when you arrive. Some will work with you re: other arrangements, like flowers or candy. The Signature Room is good for this. However, I’m guessing they’re full for Valentine’s Day.

The Whole Foods in my neighborhood offers double-dozen organic roses for $29.99. I encourage purchasing organic and/or Fair Trade flowers. Organic flowers are sans chemicals, and Fair Trade is good to the workers involved.
Those are just a few ideas that came to mind when Ron inquired. Couples tend to be a bit grand when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day.
Yet love can be celebrated every day, with the bigger gestures like some described above, or with little gesures. Like a single flower, sending a nice text message, lighting a candle at dinner.

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