in the elements

April 5th, 2009.
Most of us will praise sunny, balmy days. Yet living in the Midwest gives many more options. Like tonight, it was cold enough to turn the precipitation into snow, with enough wind to blow it sideways.

I wore a hat, gloves and scarf, and a trench coat that ties snug at the waist — I call it, my spy coat; if I were a spy in a film noir, it would suffice.

When I stepped outside, I noticed folks closing umbrellas to come in, and holding umbrellas to walk along the sidewalks. I chose not to go back to get my own umbrella, and took on the elements for my errands.

An urban pioneer, one might say if it’s not an oxymoron. I was undaunted by the wet snowfall; I stood far from the corners while waiting for the traffic lights to turn, so when motorists sped through the puddles I wouldn’t be splashed.

It was an invigorating walk. Had I not work to do tonight, I’d still be outside.

Now the hat, gloves and scarf and spy coat are hung where they may dry before I put them away. Hm, maybe I could have worded this experience differently ….

…. It was a night between seasons, where Jack Frost wrestled with the rain and won. Still, no one rested in the big city. Cars sped along the shiny streets, and pedestrains bundled up to get out. To where? What was so important for them to leave their cozy flats and bungalows? As for me, I had a case to work on, one so urgent I left my umbrella behind and kept me so busy I hardly noticed the wet snow that pelted my face ….

Ah well, perhaps I should get back to my regular writing projects.

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