Introducing ‘Word of the Day’ glossary

Beginning October 1st, 2013, in spirit of the
Jacquée T.
Writer in Residence
      that celebrates

          … Writing,

          … Reading,

          … Travel

          … and but of course the Romance life offers ….

typewriter Miss T. presents a glossary that increases one word per day.  The glossary will be shown via date, not alphabetical order.

Love romantic words. Love travel lingo. Love fun facts behind  words.  Learn new words and become more intimate with words you thought you knew.

The Writer in Residence glossary is designed to increase your vocabulary, for writing, for reading,  for wooing. Most importantly for improved expression.
We also invite you to love the sponsors who support the Jacquée T. Writer in Residence Words of the Day. These sponsors are active supporters of the Jacquée T. Writer in Residence spirit, to celebrate reading, to celebrate writing and to celebrate the romance that life offers. Each “Word of the Day” thanks the sponsor who made it possible and a link to their web site.

*Miss T. begins her Writer in Residence actual and virtual expedition in Kansas. Throughout October 2013 she resides in the northeast Kansas USA region.

Stay up to date via the “Writer in Residence” drop down menu above, and the “Writer in Residence” under the Vignettes weblog menu.

Meanwhile, get out your pen to take notes and access “Writer in Residence” words of the day here.

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