Invite her with you to “Run for Your Lives!” from Zombies

_________________________________________________ Autumn, 2013

Fellas, protect your darling from the zombies at a “‘Run for Your Lives!’ 5K and Obstacle Course.” These events are held at various locations throughout the country and at different times of the year.
If the two of you are avid runners, you haven’t experienced a 5K unless, en route you encountered invading zombies. If you’re not zealous runners, Zombies will indeed inspire you to keep moving.

“Run for your lives!” evens the playing field. And, when it’s over, you’ll toast to the experience.
Here’s how it goes:
1. Upon beginning the event, you both enter the “Zombie Apocolypse.” You set upon a 5K run and obstacle course. Your goal is to make it “alive” to the Finish Line.
2. You’re each given a belt with 3 flags that represent your health. The goal is to finish with at least one flag intact each. If you do, you’re still human. If not, the Zombies succeeded in bringing you over to the “living dead.”
3. Two types of Zombies attack along the way — Stumblers whose purpose is to startle and veer you off course, and Chasers who avidly grab for your flags.
4. “Health benefit” bags are hidden throughout the course. Find them and take out extra flags to help you survive.
5.  You take on obstacles, including wading through a proverbial Blood Pit. You have the option to evade these obstacles, yet if you do you surrender all rights to crossing the Finish Line as humans. The two of you might be the only ones who know it, yet you would have to bear the secret together.
6.  If you cross the Finish Line as humans, you’re eligible for prizes. Prizes are given to the top male and female human finishers per age brackets, including: 20-29; 30-39; 40 and up. There is also an awards bracket for military participants.
7. Post crossing the Finish Line, you may toast at the Apocalypse Party. The fete includes live bands, potables and food for sale, and vender booths.
All this said, there are two of you and hopefully both cross the Finish Line as humans. If only one of you does, make sure she’s the one. Have fun, and be the hero to your heroine!

More information: Remaining 2013 “Run for your Lives!” events  are in Arizona, New York, and Florida and Texas.
2013 “Zombie Apocalypse” include locations include California and Texas.

Ticket prices start at $77.  For more info on “Run for Your Lives” visit here.  Link to “Locations” to check  locations and dates.

Make it a Date:
     When you invite her, tell her to wear running gear, and to be prepared to get muddy and wet. Be prepared to cover her. Firstly, keep her comfortable. She might get cold after the race. There’s a gear check at registration where you may check a backpack. Include a sweatshirt and sweatpants for her, in case she needs.
A beautiful thing about this date is, after completing the “Run for Your Lives” 5K neither of you will look pretty, yet you’ll have in common the “Zombie Apocalypse.”


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