Jacquée in the ‘Wizard of Oz’ … suite!

I stood on the motel sidewalk, unlocked the door to my room and entered Oz … Well, the suite version of it.
     I’d spent two weeks in Wamego Kansas residing in “The Wizard of Oz” suite. This at the Simmer Motel, off Highway 24.
     The front room stood large, with green mural walls to represent the Emerald City. Dorothy and her friends promenaded along one wall; Flying Monkeys swarmed on another. A corner of the room accommodated an L-shape sofa with pillows, and The Wicked Witch of the West and Scarecrow dolls.
Do Not Disturb sign for Wizard of Oz Suite
     The Tin Man’s oil can sat on the corner table, and Ruby Slippers sat atop the TV console. Beyond the front room was a kitchenette with wood farmhouse walls and panel-window mirrors. The bathroom had “The Wizard of Oz” curtains featuring ruby red and brick-road yellow. The bedroom displayed cardboard figurines of Dorothy and friends on the wall, and a Wicked Witch of the West striped-stocking leg-lamp on the nightstand.
     All this cozied me inside the beloved 1939 MGM movie. Even the door signs for Do Not Disturb and Maid Service featured “Oz” characters. I smiled inside while residing there. I set up my computer at the front room work desk.
Simmer Motel Maid Service sign for Wizard of Oz suite
     I entertained in the front room. One morning I served coffee, a la the kitchenette mini coffeemaker, to Rosemary Crilly, former Wamego Chamber of Commerce president. That afternoon I entertained Kathleen McPeak and Cheri Pugh, local realtors. They signed up to support a “Jacquée T. Writer in Residence” Word of the Day.
     Both times my guests were dressed casually, blue jeans and comfortable shirts. I wore crop pants, a pink shirt with a dip neckline and pale pink tennis shoes.
     Yet when I went downtown to meet business contacts, I dressed in a cotton skirt and donned my own Ruby Slippers. Well, red patent leather shoes with heels. I didn’t think of them as Ruby Slippers when I traveled to Kansas, yet they since felt like Ruby Slippers.
     Placed neatly under the bedroom luggage rack, the Slippers rest during most my stay.
     Ah, well. the Wizard of Oz room made a perfect escape for this Writer and romantic on the road. I was surrounded by the nostalgia of a classic movie while I wrote and entertained.
     Simmer Motel is a decent walk from downtown, and I love to walk. I was also pleased that the kitchenette had everything I needed — plates, bowls, coffee cups, eating and serving utensils. So while in ‘Oz,’ I was fully equipped for day to day life.

More information
—Simmer Motel is a AAA approved motel at 1215 West Highway 24 in Wamego Kansas.
—The ‘Wizard of Oz’ suite is among other themed rooms, including English Lodge, Fishing and Vintage Car Mechanic. Simmer also features a beautiful Bridal Suite.

For information and reservations, visit here.

Simmer Motel is a “Jacquee T. Writer in Residence-KANSAS actual and virtual expedition” sponsor. View the profile here.

For more information on “Jacquee T.’s” veritable Ruby Slippers, read her weblog post, “The Red Shoes.”

*** Door signs were designed by Phyllis Kennedy. Photos by Jacquée T.

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