Jacquée T. ‘Love for Words’

Words are our tools of expression. They are valuable means at the tip of our lips, and at the tips of our fingers.

Gotta love WORDS!
Jacquée T. hosts her signature
“Love for Words” series to celebrate words, and remind the treasure they are. She selects words that may be new to folks, or that may be familiar yet have fun facts behind them. Miss T. presents being intimate with the words, via the history behind them, or less familiar ways to use them.

She composes an entry for each featured Word. Each entry is a page via the A Romantic’s Perspective.com “Love for Words” category. These pages may be perused, and shared.

Gotta love Sponsors!
Businesses are making “Love for Words” possible, and at the same time joining the celebration.

They love Words, too! And their involvement adds a fun dimension to this Words series. Each “Love for Words” entry includes a Sponsor credit, and a link to a supporting sponsor. Check them out. Sponsors were invited by Miss T., and accepted the invitation. They come from all sorts of businesses, from all sorts of locations.

Ready to join the “Love”?
O, yes! Begin perusing the feature Word entries by linking here.


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