Jacquée T.’s poetry book

Like a feather floating through the
busy air
Forever existing

from “Jim’s Pages” in Growing Up (the pain, the joy, the discoveries)
by Jacquée T.
© 2008 by Detour Productions, LLC

Testimonials for Growing Up:

——I read page 23 and went to bed with a smile on my face.

Wayne Anderson
Author /videographer

——Growing Up is easy reading, yet has great depth to it.

Yvonne Heyden

——Jacquée’s poetry reminds me that romance still exists.

Patrick Breyden
restaurant host

——Jacquée T. writes to invite your own personal vision into her world. Some of the poems startle me.

Srdjan Manojlovic


——“Jacquée’s poetry beautifully expresses the longing, the aloneness, the joys and the beauties of being a self-contained woman. She reveals in deeply personal terms the romance we all want to have in our lives…men and women, single or partnered.”

Barbara Payne
Founder SWWAN®, Inc.
(Single Working Women’s Affiliate Network)

——[Jacquée’s] poetry is so open to interpretation, my boyfriend and I drank a whole bottle of wine reading it to each other. Thanks for that!

Macarena D.


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