Jacquée T. Detours info and REPLAYS

Jacquée T. Detours radio series

Jacquee T. Detours radio series


The Jacquée T. Detours radio programs began with the “A romantic moment, by
Jacquée T.” series, first aired via WREN Internet Radio.

Now the series is being moved to Internet access via iTunes, Google Play and other online and mobile outlets. It includes “A romantic moment, by Jacquée T.” episodes, plus longer programs.

Here are REPLAYS of previous shows:

Miss T. encourages you to choose train travel. She offers personal experience and suggestions for planning your train travel.


Join Jacquée T. on this DETOUR for a gaze at summertime, ideas to celebrate summer, and introducing the United States Postal Service “Total Eclipse of the Sun” stamps.


Join Jacquée T. on this DETOUR for a cruise behind the scenes of
A Romantic’s Perspective.com, and to discover things to celebrate in June.


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