Poetry in motion — three ways to gift Jacquée T.’s book

Jacquee T.'s poetry book makes a memorable giftGive a gift that’s a keepsake. Jacquée T.’s poetry book Growing Up (the pain, the joy, the discoveries) is a gift folks will keep and treasure. To boot, it has a page in the book front that you may sign to your giftee, so they remember you as the fabulous person who gave it to them.

Three ways to gift
Growing Up by Jacquée T.

1. As a gift for wedding events.
Weddings are romantic! Everyone involved celebrates. Part of the fete is gift giving — to wedding party members, and at celebratory events like bridal showers and groom’s dinners.

Givers seek gifts that are memorable, and that add to the elegance of the nuptial celebration. Jacquée T.’s poetry book makes an elegant gift that people will talk about the moment they receive it and start thumbing through it, and for years to come.

2. As a gift at dinner parties.
Bring it as a gift for the party hostess. Or, if you are the hostess, gift each of the ladies at the table with a book. While indeed fellows will also enjoy the readings inside this book, ’tis elegant to offer this to the ladies and they may share it with their darlings.

3. As a gift for your darling
Fellas, give this to your darling, perhaps with a rose.*

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How Growing Up is a keepsake

*Be aware of the roses, and other flowers you purchase. Here is an article by Jacquée T. via THE GREEN ROMANTIC section: Darling, please send roses ….

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