KANSAS Fun Fact: For women’s rights!


_____________________________________ January 2nd 2019

Welcome to Kansas Fun Facts Week!

This is part of celebrating the upcoming KANSAS IS ROMANTIC! website, slated to be Unveiled in late January!

Today’s Fun Fact: For women’s rights!

Kansas became a state in 1861 and from the start, Kansas women have been integral in campaigning for their right to vote.

* campaign ribbon

They began with fighting for rights in district school elections, where they accomplished limited voting rights for widows with children.

Kansas women, and the organizations they led, continued fight, and won the right for women to vote in Municipal Elections in 1887.

In 1912, they conquered women’s right to vote in all Kansas elections.

This held significant influence on women’s voting rights – eight years before the national recognition for women’s right to vote, via the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution.


Brava! to women of this time who helped make this happen!

 *According to Woman-SuffrageMemorabilia.com, campaign ribbons of this era were likely handmade. This one represents the gold in the Kansas State Flower, the Sunflower.


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