Jacquée T.’s ‘Writer in Residence-KANSAS’ content on A Romantic’s is moving to a new, Kansas-specific website, and ’tis indeed time!

Miss T. arrived to Kansas from Chicago via her signature ‘Writer in Residence’ expedition, with mission to travel, explore and write. She has explored the northeast region so far, and all along has been learning about the communities she visited, and about Kansas as a whole.

Writer in Residence expedition
Jacquée T. sojourned in Kansas cities, communities, and along countrysides. She imbibed in the local culture and learned about the rich history, and fabulous happenings, and about the state of Kansas as a whole.

Miss T. shared experiences and discoveries on “Writer in Residence” sections of her website A Romantic’s Perspective(.com), per features, announcements, and VIGNETTES weblog posts.

The SPONSORS WALL menu included a separate “Writer in Residence” section, and the website ‘Love for Words’ menu included Words that were sponsored by Kansas-based businesses along with Words sp0nsored by businesses from other parts of the United States.

Internet Radio & Podcast program
Jacquée T. began an Internet Radio & Podcast network under a new network, “Jacquee T. Detours,” named for her company, Detour Productions. Under this she began a program romantic in Kansas, to present the story of her arriving to the Sunflower State, and learning about it. Here is the hand-drawn log Miss T. designed to go with the new series.

The ‘Writer in Residence-KANSAS’ areas have grown off the A Romantic’s Perspective website, and have merited their own space. Now Miss T. officially declares, KANSAS IS ROMANTIC!, via a premiere website.

Kansas-specific items on A Romantic’s will move to this new location. And Jacquée T. extends her knowledge and passion for the treasures Kansas has to offer, via feature pages on Kansas communities and cities, Kansas-based features under the signature Romantic’s categories Wine Notes, Cinema, The Green Romantic and First Dates, a ‘Love for Words’ section that is supported by Kansas sponsors, the romantic in Kansas Radio Podcast episodes, and o yes — more!

KANSAS IS ROMANTIC (.com) will be unveiled in September. Stay tuned!


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