Happy Birthday, Kansas! – and celebrating Kansas Day

January 28, 2014,.
As a ‘Writer in Residence’ in Kansas, it pleases me to wish Kansas a Happy Birthday.

Kansas State FlagFun Facts about Kansas:
January is Kansas’s birthday month.
Kansas Day is celebrated January 29th.
— the Kansas State motto is “Ad astra per aspera,” translated, “To the stars through difficulties.”
— ‘Kansas’ is a Native American name meaning “People of the South Wind.”
— the Kansas state flower is the Sunflower.
— the Kansas state tree is Cottonwood.

Do you know other fun facts regarding Kansas? Please share!

The Kansas Museum of History and the Kansas State Capitol in Topeka, and the Pawnee Indian Museum on the Pawnee Trail celebrate Kansas Day January 29th. For detailed  information, visit here.

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