A Christmas classic in a classic theatre — ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ at the Jayhawk.

____________________________ December, 2017

I was walking by the Jayhawk Theatre in downtown Topeka, and there ’twas on the marquee: “‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ to play in the theatre December 9th.”
     I stopped in my tracks, in awe. Really, a chance to see this Christmas classic — the best Christmas movie ever! — on the Big Screen???
     From the first time I saw this great movie, and throughout the years, I watched it on generations of TVs, and never had I found chance to watch it on the BIG SCREEN.
O joy! What an opportunity! I must spread the word and offer everyone this fabulous chance. 
I got in touch with Keith the Critic, the fellow who is hosting this fine event. And, here’s the scoop.

Keith the Critic presents
It’s a Wonderful Life
Saturday December 9th, 7:30 p.m.
at the Jayhawk Theatre
720 SW Jackson Street
downtown Topeka Kansas

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Popcorn and refreshments are available. Tickets are $5.00 with a clothing donation to benefit the Topeka Rescue Mission.

     The classic-theatre rhythm of the time
     Now, the Jayhawk Theatre is under renovation, so the screening will not be held at this classic theatre feature screen. Instead, it will be shown in front of the Theatre temporary screen, that is 15-ft. wide.
     Seating is in folding chairs inside this historical theatre, that is in transition to full restoration. Audience members are welcome to bring their own chairs if they prefer.
     Ladies and gentlemen, this is a chance to view this fabulous movie during a pivotal time at the Jayhawk. O yes, this is a social event, a chance to view this classic movie with other fans. To boot, proceeds benefit this historic theatre, and also the Topeka Rescue Mission during this winter season.
Reserve your tickets!
     Tickets are available at the door, or in advance at Vintage Stock, 1930 SW Wanamaker Road, in Topeka.
     For more information, visit
Keith the Critic on Facebook,
or call (785) 250-6444.

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● This is the best Christmas movie of all time in my book. Here’s a review I had written via A Romantic’s Perspective CINEMA:
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