Labor Day lull

Labor Day makes quite a marker. ‘Tis a pause we all acknowledge, at some degree.

The tourist industry represents it as the end of summer, and many ‘summer’ venues follow suit by bowing out.  Yet on the universal scale, per se, the summer lasts until the autumnal equinox, September 22nd.

Some fashionists proclaim this as the last day to wear white shoes, pants or dresses, till next Memorial Day, and they exude much pressure to this affect. Yet, how worthy is that rule? Just last spring my fashion-abiding sister, Audrey, asserted wearing her gorgeous white patent leather shoes, with cork soles and high heels, to work — pre Memorial Day — and I saluted her. My guess is, those shoes remain in her wardrobe selections now as the balmy weather persists.

For many, this is outdoor-grilling day, or a last day to catch a swim at the public ‘summer’ beaches. It is a national holiday away from the office, worth celebrating.

Labor Day came  as one result of  labor disputes in the late 19th century, and was designed to honor laborers, and all workers who, one day after another, contributed to the country’s economics.

All said, it is a day of pause, across many plains, yet is most acknowledged by a lull in phones ringing, or phones left ringing, as folks take time out to celebrate.

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