Lessman’s Truckhenge Farm, rural Topeka

Truckhenge FarmThe Lessman farm is a 63-acre stretch of land 10 miles from downtown Topeka. It features an Art Park, a Quonset Home made primarily with repurposed materials, and a Fish Pond.
     Artist and owner Ron Lessman hosts tours of the Art Park and Quonset House. The Art Park features Truckhenge and Boathenge sculptures and Beer Bottle City. Tours are free. Donations are welcome. The Art Park and House tours include viewings of Mr. Lessman’s chainsaw art and limestone sculptures that are for sale.

     The farm also offers recreation facilities for fishing in the 30-acre Catfish Pond, camping along the grounds, or target shooting. The fee is $10/adult for each activity. For more info call (785) 234-3486 or visit here.

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