Lipstick and pen — her ‘Writer in Residence’ embarks

September 1, 2013.
I select a dress
when I prepare for a journey. This one will include my thick-strap, black dress with large white polka dots, and a crinoline.  It’s comfortable, and makes me feel pretty.

This as I anticipate a “travel dress” to wear when boarding the ‘Southwest Chief’ train leaving Chicago 3 p.m. and arriving to Lawrence Kansas around midnight. I board not for a visit, yet for a sojourn. This writer is taking residence in Kansas till December.

I make the passage via train.  I will hold in my purse, lipstick ready to replenish, and cash to patronize the Lounge Car for cups of wine. I have option to make a dinner reservation via the Amtrak restaurant car, and since I travel sola, would then be seated with three other people to dine.

And I will carry a pen, as I do everywhere, and notebook, to report at my fingertips my wide-eyed anticipations.

My darling A Romantic’s guests, “Writer in Residence” is my latest endeavor. I have resolved to focus on writing and residing, to make every day simple so I might catch up on my stories and narratives. This as I share my love for travel and discovering new places that effect me and my writing. I am arriving in Kansas because I may meet face to face with my esteemed editor, Malcolm Gibson, a retired journalism professor who lives in Lawrence. I know he will challenge me to give my deepest creativity and imagination to stories primed for Kindle books and to share intimate experiences and observations  to you in “Kindle book story updates” and a travelogue as I keep you apprised.

All this via A Romantic’s Travel and “Vignettes” pages.

Train is my choice of travel. I may walk around, sit at the lounge car that features panoramic views of the countryside zipping by, or return to my sizable coach seat for private pause as the ground passes beneath.

The nine -hour transit seems like a long time, yet ’tis short  when I travel from one chapter to another. I only hope that I feel prepared to board the train at all, and have in tow the essentials.

The essentials are, I realize, a pen and a notebook, my laptop that I call “Mr. Crimson” because he is red and a virtual gentleman who takes care of me. The ultimate essentials bag —  should my luggage get lost — includes a change of clothes,  a coffee maker, coffee grinder, a second set of heels and other feminine attire.

And lipstick. It helps me feel like me. I will replenish it after I board the train, later when the “Southwest Chief”  pulls into the Lawrence Kansas station, and many times between.



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