Love Bodvár Nº 1 — the Pearly Wine

—————————–  summer, 2017

Delicate bubbles serve the feature inspiration behind the Bodvár Nº 1. This is the sparkling selection among three in the Bodvár House of Rosés.
     And ’tis what I sipped as I interviewed over the phone, wine expert and the namesake behind this elegant trio, Bodvár Hafström. He shared the story of his family business, why he branched to rosés, and why he named this one Pearly Wine.
     The result is a tradition, a passion and an innovation, captured and sealed in a bottle. This to make a refreshing pour for summertime celebrations, including National Rosé Day. Here’s what I learned.

Bodvár Hafström (right) celebrating National Rosé Day

The gentleman behind this rosé
Mr. Hafström lives in Sweden, and presents rosés that are made in the Languedoc and Provence, France regions. This is an extension of his family legacy, he tells me. As far back as 1846, his ancestors began importing Cognac from France to Scandinavia.
     Cognac must come from the Cognac region of France, he says. His family eventually began their hands, per se, in blending Cognacs. Over the years they also became instrumental in blending wines. Their mission was always to preserve the integrity behind these fine offerings, and to uphold superb quality.
     He decided to focus on rosés to add to the family repertoire. This, he wanted, as an elegant addition to people’s choice among wines — rosés, to add to selections red, and white.
     He remained so passionate about rosé as a wine category of its own, he founded National Rosé Day.

A subtle sparkle
We call it “pearly wine” because of the bubbles, Mr. Hafström tells me. While he and his team of winemakers wanted to compose a sparkling, they also wanted to contain it under a wine cork instead of a thicker cork with wire cage that is used for champagnes and sparklings. To accomplish this, they needed to adjust the pressure of the carbonation, because once inside the bottle, the bubbles put pressure on the cork.

     He and his team succeeded this goal, and the resulting sparkling rosé has delicate bubbles, that rise when opening the bottle, and at pour. They are dry bubbles, says Mr. Hafström, and very small unlike champagne bubbles.
     This is an exclusive rosé wine , says Mr. Hafström. “It is designed as an elegant choice for welcome drinks at wedding celebrations, for romantic situations like first dates, or times with friends to have something sparkling but not too many bubbles.”

My Tasting notes
This rosé has a lovely translucent pink color, and hints of fruit to the nose. The bubbles are petite, yet hearty as they stream at pour, and hearty to the palate. There is a touch of mineral to the taste, and soft berry in the finish. The overall experience is smooth, elegant, and … festive.

More information:
● Bodvár Nº 1 Pearly Wine  suggested retail price is $25.00. Ask at your favorite wine store if they have it available, or purchase online here.
● National Rosé Day is celebrated the second Saturday in June. This year marked the second annual celebration. For more information, visit here.

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