Love bringing Petite Petit to holiday gatherings big and small

Winter 2011-2012

Petite Petit (pronounced “pah-TEET pah-TEE”) 2009, from the California Michael David Winery, embraces the simple combination of two grapes Petite Sirah and Petit Verdot. A charming paradox is that the words “Petite” and “Petit” mean small, while these are big grapes. Together, at 85% Petite Sirah and 15% Petite Verdot, they make a big wine.

      As is celebrated with a wide-body bottle. And more, ’tis celebrated on the labeling.
     The bottle is dressed to represent a circus. The neck capsule is decorated in red and white stripes of “The Big Top.” The front label depicts two big elephants enjoying a glass of wine before they go out to perform in ‘The Big Ring.”
Conversation piece

      Uncork the bottle and let the rich ruby red wine open while you swirl it in your glasses and you together observe the bottle labels — front and back.
You will clearly see the elephants enjoying their wine before the show. Observers will have fun pointing out other fine details, like a mouse juggling grapes, and another mouse sipping wine.
     Now, taste the wine, and discuss the big flavors that come alive on your palate.

Tasting notes:
  “I love the way it develops,” says  Derek Devries, one of the Michael David Winery winemakers. “At first it seems real jammy and currant. As it opens, the oak starts coming through, and combines with the fruit.” Folks will taste dark berries, and perhaps hints of vanilla.
     That’s the beauty of the tasting.  As I always encourage, trust your palate, and in this case say out loud the flavors you sense.
Background notes:
      The grapes that make Petite Petit are from the California Lodi region. That’s  a straight shot east of Napa inland, says Mr. Devries. “We get a delta breeze that helps cool this area, helps retain a better acid. We also get enough heat to attain full ripeness within the grape berry. We tend to get wines that are bigger, more extracted.”
     Michael David Winery is named after two brothers Michael and David Phillips who are in a fifth generation family of grape growers.
Pairing notes
      This wine can hold its own when accompanying meats and heavy dishes served over Christmastime. Yet I recommend sipping it in warm company over appetizers, or with holiday feast leftovers. Petite Petit merits Center Ring with the rich flavors it brings to the palate.

More information:
 Petite Petit suggested retail price is $18.00. To make an online order, visit here.— You may find  Petite Petit at Bevmo locations. Or, ask at your local wine shop if they carry it.
 For more information on Michael David Winery, visit here.

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