Love for candlelight – burning ‘green’ is most romantic

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I recommended that everyone have a supply of candles and candleholders. So to readily set a soft mood for yourself, to add an elegant background while entertaining many, or entertaining one special person.
     Yet, take care to know about the candles you burn. Many candles available at drugstores, grocery stores and other stores have paraffin wax. Paraffin is a petroleum by-product; when burned it emits soot and other pollutants into the air.
     That’s not romantic! Who wants candlelight accompanied by toxins? Plus, candles made with paraffin and other non-natural products tend to burn down fast. So that quality price you thought you got, is double anti-quality — it has toxins, plus it melts fast into mush.
     Startled? No worries! Seek out candles made from natural wax, like soy or beeswax.
     However, it’s not as easy as merely checking the label. “Unfortunately there aren’t regulations for labeling candles,” says Jody Crowe, customer sales representative at Big Dipper Wax Works.
     A company could claim on a label something like “made with natural beeswax,” or “contains natural soy” and actually offer only a small percentage of natural wax among the paraffin wax.
     Still, no worries. Three ways to assure you have all-natural candles:
1) Check the label. If it volunteers that the candles are made from “100% natural” soy or beeswax, you have a winner. If not the “100%” on the label, take precaution.
2)Ask the store staff. In smaller, boutique shops, the staff are more likely to be be intimately familiar with their candle items.
3) Make a small purchase for candles you believe are all natural. Then, check out the company website. Therein, lies the tell-all. And you might fall in love with their candles.
     Big Dipper Wax Works, for example, touts all natural beeswax candles with cotton wicks. They promise a slow burning time per the dense beeswax, and a clean burning.
     Other proven all-natural candle companies may offer the same integrity. Now that’s romantic!
     Beautiful candlelight, with a small flame burning on a natural wick, softening natural wax while it softens the atmosphere. And you are taken care of, perhaps along with your guests, in this soft light.

Companies that sell all-natural wax candles:
Big Dipper Waxworks
Honey Candles, 100% Beeswax
Beelite Candles

Do you know of an all-natural candle brand you recommend? Please comment below.

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