Love the kids-in-you at Navy Pier Winter Wonderfest

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Love the Navy Pier Winter Wonderfest indoor rides and let them inspire the kids-in-you. Also partake in ice skating, perusing a vast display of Christmas trees, and live entertainment.
The rides
This is the reason to bring her here. Indoor rides in the midst of winter! My favorite is the

Clff Hanger is one the fun rides at the Navy Pier Winter Wonderfest

Cliff Hanger, a thrill-ride rendition of hang gliding. You lie side by side on your bellies, grasp bars in front, and glide a circle course sweeping low and very high — fast.
My second favorite is the Wonder Whirl, more familiarly known as the Tilt-A-Whirl. Other indoor rides include Zero Gravity, indoor Ferris Wheel, and the Kringle Carousel featuring horses and other animals, and sleighs to ride.
Grown-ups may also ride the Reindeer Express Train that travels 300 feet around a holiday village display, partake in Too Cool Video Games, and embark on the Mount Reindeer obstacle course. Take shoes off to take on the Slippery Snowflake Slide, the Starry Slide or to jump upon the Candy Cane Bouncer.

Arctic Ice Skating Rink
     Glide across the ice together. Skate rentals are included with Premium Wrist Bands. (See “More information” below.)
Christmas Trees
     Winter Wonderfest features one 42′ tree across from the entrance, plus almost 500 other trees throughout the grounds, each presenting a different theme.
Live Entertainment
     “Winter Wonder Stage” features performances by musicians and other entertainers. Live bands perform Fridays and Saturdays 7:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m..

More Information: The Navy Pier 12th annual Winter Wonderfest is held in the Navy Pier Festival Hall, 600 East Grand, November 30 2012-January 6, 2013.
Hours throughout the weekdays vary, yet Friday and Saturday hours remain consistent at 10 a.m.-10 p.m.
Admission is free. Concessions, hot chocolate, beer and hard lemonade are available to purchase. Wristbands are required for access to rides, and are available online and at the Winter Wonderfest box office. For more information, visit here.
The Navy Pier outdoor Ferris Wheel runs all year round. For information for wristbands to include Winter Wonderfest plus other Navy Pier attractions like the outdoor Ferris Wheel, visit here.

Make it a date: Invite her to this indoor holiday amusement park for rides and entertainment. Determine if she is up for ice skating. If so, purchase Premium Wristbands that cover ice skate rentals. If not, regular wrist bands will suffice.
Tell her that rides like Cliff Hanger and the Carousel might require casual stance, and that for rides like the slides she would need to remove her shoes. Yet she’s still welcome to dress up if she desires. Whatever she wears could be made suitable to the fun at hand. That goes for you, too.
You’re her escort. Give her enthusiastic nudges to enjoy the kids-in-you activities. Other times, offer your arm to imbibe in the atmosphere together.

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