Love the environment and discover your creativity in gift wrapping

Scrap your gift-wrapping worries and have at it at the

Chicago Andersonville neighborhood
“Green Gift Wrapping Bash!”
6 p.m.-10 p.m. Friday, December 16th, 2011.

Eco-Andersonville cordially invites you to bring your gifts and be ready to wrap.
Arrive to find wrapping supplies strewn across tables. The supplies are provided per an eco-festive spirit. Local businesses, organizations and residents donate used boxes for packaging the gifts, and provide materials they would otherwise scrap.
The result is your utilizing these items to present your own style of beautifully wrapped gifts. You can wrap each gift to place a piece of visual art under the tree.

Maestros and Maestras everyone!

Find your inspiration as you peruse the options.
“Green Gift Wrapping” supplies include
— magazines
— old event posters
— architectural blue prints.
      O yes, these are paints for your gift-wrapping palette! These provide vibrant colors, bold images, and random patterns to wrap your gifts.

To top the wrapped gifts, supplies include
 — used holiday greeting cards.

      Cut them to make gift tags, or cut out images to glue or tape on the wrapped gift. 
— donated ribbon and tinsel.

More inspiration
To boot, you will have access to “Green Gift Wrapping” tools that include
— pattern-edged scissors
— ribbon crimpers.
These for signature touches to your masterpiece. Finish the finishing touches, then pull up your next gift to wrap.
“Green” and gorgeous gifts
      The concept is simple: use what you have to wrap your gifts instead of buying more paper.
“There’s so much more paper out there than people could ever hope to use,” says Jessica Hammer, Marketing & Member Services Manager for the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce. “This is a way to make a dent in it.”
The Green Gift Wrapping Bash is not just about wrapping, she says, it’s about making the wrapped gifts absolutely gorgeous. “My gift wrapping has become remarkably better over the past few years since we started this.”

More information: The 5th Annual Green Gift Wrapping Bash is 6 p.m.-10 p.m. December 16th, 2011 at George’s Ice Cream and Sweets, 5306 North Clark Street, in the Chicago Andersonville neighborhood. Hot cocoa and sweets will be provided to green gift wrappers. Volunteers will be available to offer suggestions. For more information, visit the Andersonville events page.

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