Love the ‘Midnight Sun’ in Finland!


Summer days last long in northern Finland. Some last more than two months, and folks bask in a Midnight Sun.
     This is a time Finns relish in the outdoors. Many of them, by tradition, partake in a Cottage Holiday and take advantage of the 1,000 kilometers (over 600 miles ) of coastline, and the almost 200,000 lakes.
     Visitors to Finland, some by tradition, do the same.

Midnight Sun
     Finns and visitors in Lapland – the Finland stretch north of the Arctic Circle – enjoy long summer days.
     Depending where they are along this delicate curve of the earth, a summer day could last a week in June, or from May to July. All nights between include a Midnight Sun.
     And that Midnight Sun, depending on what part of Finland someone is, could show bright and high, or it could be dangling orange above the horizon before it rises higher again in the morning.
     At midnight, folks could sit outside and read a book, or play golf, or take the rowboat out. They may enjoy hiking, biking, horseback riding or swimming.

Cottage Holiday
     The Midnight Sun season proves ideal for Finns and visitors to relish in a Cottage Holiday.
     The Finland landscape includes about one half million cottages, placed by the lakes, by the coastline, or nestled in the woodlands.
     Cottages include a sauna; most saunas are in a separate house.
VFinns take Cottage Holidays for weeks or months at a time, and welcome family and friends to join them throughout.
     Finland visitors are welcome to stay for as long, if they can, so they may escape into the tranquility and activity, and love the gorgeous Finland landscape as much as natives do.

More information:
 Finland is the sixth largest European country.
 Summer temperatures range from the teens to 35 degrees Celsius, upper 50s to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.
Travel information
     Want to savor long summer days and the Midnight Sun? Now is the time to make plans.
— For extensive information on Finland, including travel and accommodation options, visit here

_________________ initially published in Decmber, 2011


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