Love to flirt – a natural exchange

February 12, 2009.  A timeless sentiment

“You’re flirting with him,” said my friend Sue, eyes to mine, after a handsome waiter left our table.

“I am?” I asked sincerely. I was still smiling.

She nodded fast, and so hard her chin almost touched her neck, while she smiled, too.

I couldn’t see it. I was merely asking for suggestions regarding the menu, I told her. I wasn’t flirting.

Oh-h-h-ho yes, she replied, you were flirting. She added that the handsome waiter, was enjoying it. He’d walked away with a smile of his own, and a lightness in his step.

I couldn’t see the mirror she was reflecting, I said in so many words, and with scrunched brows. Yet, per private contemplation … I couldn’t help but blush.

I’d no expectations of this gent other than his being the fine waiter he was. I involuntarily responded to the fine gent he was. Somehow the latter resonated with the lady in me.

Flirting is part of my nature, Sue helped me realize. It can be done without expectation and for the sheer purpose of imbibing in the man-woman exchange.

The gent-lady exchange is most compelling, and can last a moment, or any time more.

Flirting is okay, by my book, and wonderful.  It’s a natural reaction from gents to ladies, and vice versa, to acknowledge each other’s gender differences through as much (or as little) as a hello.

It’s a “can’t help but smile” inside, or outside, per this acknowledgment. Simple and true.

This post is about natural flirtation among men and women, and about allowing it naturally per nuances, to run a short, yet fulfilling course.

Flirting can be so light it’s undetected by one or both parties. It can be a simple and natural exchange, pretty as a pink rose, that in Victorian expectation, represents innocent love.

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