Love Venus crossing the sun – celebrated at Chicago Adler Planetarium

The Chicago Adler Planetarium keeps folks apprised, of the June 5, 2012 “Transit of Venus” historic event when Venus crosses between the sun and earth. Venus will appear as a dot crossing the sun, yet don’t check it out with the naked eye. Adler invites folks to view this event safely. The next time we earthlings would get a chance for such a viewing will be 2117.

For more information on Adler celebrating this rare occasion, visit Jacquée T.’s article You are Cordially Invited: a party for Venus.

(photo courtesy of Adler Planetarium)

UPDATE: Jacquée T. followed up with…
the article: “I joined the Adler ‘Transit of Venus’ celebration,”
and wrote a Vignette weblog  “To celebrate Venus, then and if I could again.”
Videographer Wayne Anderson of Forever Young Media covered the ‘Transit’ event with her. The video will be released the week of June 25, 2012.

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