“Love yourself” month

February 1, 2009.
In light of Valentine’s Day, February is known as a “romantic season.” However, I believe in acknowledging romance every day.

I aver that romance begins within yourself. You need to know yourself well, and love yourself, and take care of yourself accordingly. Then you’re best at accessing romance in your environment. Practicing all this makes you best prepared for that special someone, whenever he or she enters your life.

Whether or not you have a sweetheart for Valentine’s season, do something to pamper yourself. Now, here’s where knowing yourself comes in.

If you were to do something special for you, what would it be? I can’t tell you what would appeal to you. Yet here are a few ideas: visit a museum, go to a sporting event, see a movie you’ve been meaning to, read a book you’ve been meaning to, buy yourself wine and candles or tea and candles or Bourbon and candles — and listen to “music du mood” while lounging or while cooking.

It could be anything, depending on who you are. Dress up and go to the opera. Dress casual and go the the Aquarium or the coffee shop. Sit down to do a jigsaw puzzle. Buy yourself a nice robe.

Do something on this vein, to make you pause and to sigh and to say, yes, I love me and I love life!

And your day will be better. Because of that, you will likely make better the days of the people around you.

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