The first ever National ‘American Grown Flowers Month’ — let’s celebrate!

_____________________________ July, 2017

Do you know where your flowers came from? According to the Certified American Grown Flowers Council, at least 77 percent of flowers sold in the United States are imported. Last month, Congress passed a bill to make July officially “National American Grown Flowers Month.”
     This to encourage folks to be aware the origin of the flowers they purchase, and to celebrate that the United States has an abundance of flower growers ready to provide your beautiful bouquet.

This is trés romantique!  In three ways:

bouquet of Peonies and Delphiniums, designed by North Pole Peonies, in North Pole, Alaska

1. Support. By purchasing flowers grown in the USA you support domestic businesses, and the domestic economy. Plus, you support flowers that are cultivated under United States labor standards.
2. Quality. Many American grown flowers businesses belong to organizations that set guidelines for how the flowers are grown and harvested. For example, sustainably grown, or cultivated from a region indigenous to specific blooms.
3. Creativity. These growers and florists tend to put extra love in bouquet designs. For example they might showcase flowers that are indigenous to their region, or add splashes of other local flowers to bouquets.

     Choosing American grown flowers shows attention to the flowers you select for gifts and special occasions. National American Grown Flowers Month serves as a banner to this. And you may join the celebration by proverbially waving this banner. O, yes!

To celebrate: Send flowers! American Grown, but of course.
Purchase a bouquet to hand deliver, or to have sent to a friend, a fabulous business cohort, or of course, to your darling.
     This may be your first steps in discovering the fragrant world of choosing American Grown Flowers. Beautiful!

Ocean View field of flowers in Lompoc California. — Photo courtesy of American Grown Flowers

Find your select “American Grown”
Ask your florist if they offer locally-grown or Certified American Grown flowers.
     Shop at your local farmers market — ask the origin of the flowers here, too. Or, check out flower organizations with members that are domestic. For example, flowers from a specific state, or region.

Here are a couple online resources to find to American grown flowers.
● American Grown has a certification for flowers grown in the United States by American farmers. The website includes a list of Certified American Grown florists and farmers. All ingredients mixed in bouquets need be 100% grown and assembled in the U.S.
      Link here: American Grown.
● Slow Flowers is an online resource designed to help find locally grown flowers. The directory includes local farmers, and florists who offer American grown flowers available locally, and/or available to be shipped within the U.S. Search by region or by specific flowers. You may also search for local delivery, or nationwide delivery.
      Link here: Slow Flowers.
     These are fabulous resources, as when you link to specific members, you learn the story behind their business, and techniques and philosophy. For example, if they use earth-friendly techniques in growing flowers, and in choosing flowers for bouquets — which is ver-ly important!

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