National Tequila Day — a romantic reflects

July 24, 2012.
Via Facebook, I learned that today’s National Tequila Day. I found on my wall an announcement, accompanied by a celebratory photo of a tabby cat shouldering up to a coffee table. The tabby wore a kitty-sized sombrero; its paws flanked a shot glass, a Tequila bottle at its side. I ‘Shared’ the image, thought that would be my beginning and end of honoring the day. Shortly later I realized there’s more I may acknowledge.

‘Tis a potable I keep at arm’s length, if you will, as I relish the taste and at the same time cognize the wallop it packs.

When I savor a good tequila in a margarita I fall in love with that margarita all the more; I also note that since I’m distinguishing a tequila in the taste, ’tis a ver-ly strong margarita.

That’s what I recalled as I logged out my Facebook connection. Then I recalled the social aspect of loving Tequila — particularly with fellows I adored.

Gotta love the shot
I was first introduced to Tequila by being challenged to take shots. Bartenders served them with a slice of lemon and a salt shaker. I was taught to take a shot by rubbing the lemon between thumb and forefinger, sprinkling salt there. Three steps: 1.) bite into the lemon slice; 2.) lick the salt from my hand; 3.) gulp the shot.

Toasting with the fellas
Later, when flirting with a fellow, that same shot required 1.) rubbing the lemon slice against my neck; 2.) shaking salt over the lemon juice; 3.) tilting my chin back so the fellow who titillated me could lick the salt before taking his shot. In turn, he similarly poised with salt on his neck for me to take a shot. Over the years, fellows with whom I flirted could be a new love interest, or my present beau. We smiled big at this interaction.

Toasting a good tequila
And later, in appreciating a good Tequila, I learned to take a shot  sans lemon and salt, and instead to take the shot with a tomato juice chaser.  This I found to cushion the shot, and at the same time complement the delicious Tequila taste.

With even better Tequila, I evolved to no chaser at-all.

Toasting with the fellas
In retrospect, whenever I toasted Tequila, ’twas with the fellas. Whether I was the lady in a group of fellows challenged to take this hearty shot, or with one fella invited to relish it, I found myself raising shot-glasses with men.

In retrospect, I didn’t toast shots with the ladies. I vaguely recall, one time being prompted to toast a shot named “Sex on the Beach” with a group of gals. To this day I don’t know what that concoction is, other than one having a name at which tipsy gals giggled. I wasn’t among the gigglers. A shot needed more than a “clever” name.

It needed a tradition; an elbow- to-elbow feel. An “I’m tough taking this” appeal. Guys understood that, and I always felt tough, and taken care of, when toasting Tequila with them.

Happy National Tequila Day, Tequila lovers!
May you savor your own memories, and a good Tequila to boot!


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