The New-Year’s Kiss

The midnight kiss is part of a New Year’s Eve date. Fellas, you likely have this in mind when inviting your darlings to celebrate.
      I suggest to rather focus on where you both are when midnight arrives, and what you’re doing the hours leading to it. Make the date itself special, and when the countdown to midnight begins, the kiss will be special.
      And all the more memorable. The New Year’s kiss, just by its timing, will be remembered. Yet it will be remembered more fondly, if the date you have with her were comforting.
      Comforting in fun, comforting in festivity. Comforting in that by the strike of midnight, she relishes in your kiss as a part of the celebration.
      Here are a few notions for a  New Year’s Eve date.
New Year’s Ball Drops: be active in a rich tradition
     Here in the USA , the New York Times Square “Midnight Ball Drop” ceremony is a world renowned tradition. It stems from a time-keeping system back in the 19th and early 20th century. Cities near a coastline displayed a ball atop a pole of a high building — for mariners to view. At a specific time, usually high noon, the ball would descend and sea captains could synchronize their chronometers by it.
     The first New York City ‘Ball Drop’ ceremony was  celebrated in 1907. It began with a countdown. Now, all onlookers could “synchronize” their welcoming the New Year.
     The Times Square tradition continues. As well some other fair cities have started their own ‘Ball Drop’ ceremonies. Each present great spectacles, prompt great energy, and massive cheering behind the midnight kiss.
 Times Square in New York City Ball Drop
     About a million folks celebrate in the Square. If this is what you opt to do, you’ll need to arrive several hours ahead to be in view of the ball dropping.
     The time will be memorable, along with feeling chilled and nudging among the crowd. By the time of the ball dropping, you might feel like pioneers — who are enjoying live entertainment, and perhaps getting featured in “crowd scenes” on International television. The energy among the crowd surrounding you will further exhilarate the experience.

 Ball Drop ceremony at midnight in Ludington, Michigan
     This ninth annual event is as popular as the Times Square ball drop, on a Ludington scale. The celebration is crowded, with about 5,000 celebrators gathering downtown, as part of the “Light up the Lake” festival. Commemorative, “light-up” glasses are available for drink purchases. These are to give to your darling, a souvenir of the New Year’s date, per se.
 Ball Drop from the Space Needle in Gatlinburg, Tennessee
     An estimated 50,000 people gather around  the Gatlinburg Space Needle to enjoy live country music for the 26th annual New Year’s Eve celebration. As well folks gather in surrounding restaurants and taverns where the Space Needle is in view.
All are prompted to join a countdown to midnight that concludes with a ball drop and fireworks display.

Fireworks, the splashes of color against the midnight sky
     New Year’s Eve midnight fireworks have been a tradition long before the ceremonial Ball Drops. Today, cities and townships throughout the USA and the world, offer their own special displays.
     Depending on where you are and the fireworks are at midnight, you may be stepping outside from a party to a balcony along a shoreline view, or wrapped in winter coats to catch the display.
     Either way, make sure she’s warm. Offer her your suit coat if at a party, or your scarf if outside. Help her feel cozy and safe, so now she may fully appreciate your care, and  the midnight fireworks that puff! and pop! and splash colors above.

Less ‘spectacular,’ yet wonderful options:
 a concert  find a live music venue you love and would love to share with her
 a special theater presentation
 a party at a select restaurant, or at a friend’s place.

New Year’s kisses are remembered, whether or not you remain together. Fellas, pay focus to the date as a whole — and as a prelude to the New Year’s kiss.

Links to more information on “ball drops”: New Year’s Eve Times SquareLudington Michigan Ball DropGatlinburg Ball Drop & Fireworks.

Make it a date:
Use your favorite search engine to find a particular style New Year’s venue.
     Mighty as the Internet is in netting popular events, to find something local, you might opt to contact your local chamber of commerce or tourism bureau. Call them and ask for intricate details, like times, recommended arrivals and nearby restaurants.
     Call her, and invite her on an official New Year’s Eve date.

*** photos provided by Todd & Brad Reed Photography

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