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Jacquee T.'s roseWelcome to A Romantic’s Perspective!

This boutique website asserts that living life romantically is simply a matter of perspective.

It features articles and suggestions from this romantic. Whether you’re presently single or whether you’re a member of a couple, this appeals to your romantic side.

I chose these categories to present a romantic attitude:  “Wine Notes,” “First Dates,” “The Green Romantic,” also “Love Travel,” and “Cinema.”

Plus, since I was the columnist for “Letter from Chicago” that was published under SNS newspapers for seven years, I have a cache of Chicago knowledge and connections, and it behooves me to provide Chicago-specific information under “A romantic in Chicago.”

I’m an authoress, poetess, country gal who moved to the big city, traveler throughout the United States and Western Europe. Most of all I’m a communicator who wants to share that life is romantic.

The voice behind A Romantic’s Perspective reflects that “I live life romantically; here’s my perspective on ….” You’ll also find links to information on my poetry book, and to my “Vignettes” weblog.

Peruse for yourself the web site is designed as a detour to your own romantic side. Bookmark this site. Romantic’s articles are updated seasonally.

I invite you to stay awhile and explore.


 p.s. Please check out our sponsors. A Romantic’s Perspective (.com) sponsors are by invitation only, per their capacity to add romance to your days. Find logos and links on the “Sponsors Wall” selection at the top of every Romantic’s page.

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