Of chases, love interests, and wine – Love movies that surprise you with a bit o’ loving wine

I’m a wine aficionada. I have a profound appreciation for wines, and for people in the wine industry. Therefore, I perk up when I’m enjoying a movie that mentions wine, poignantly, without warning.

Two times I recall receiving delicious surprises of wine being brought into a movie storyline. Both were while enjoying comedies that included ample “cat-and-mouse” action, and love interests.

I recommend both these movies: Hopscotch (1980) and French Kiss (1995). They feature modern classic actors and actresses who draw us into the characters. The synergy between the love interests unfolds along with the storyline and action.

And of course, I love the way the movie dialogs between the love interests, introduce inspirations of wine.

Hopscotch  (1980), starring Walter Mathau and Glenda Jackson, as well as Ned Beatty and Sam Waterston.
This cat-and-mouse movie has a brief mention of wine, within a charming dialog. When Miles Kendig (Walter Mathau), a rogue CIA agent, meets Isobel von Schonenberg (Glenda Jackson) at a Salzburg Austria outdoor café, their conversation begins at separate tables, discussing wine selections.

ISOBEL: … As a general rule the older wines are better. You see, it takes time for the elements of wine to resolve themselves into an harmonious hold; it takes time, and oxygen.”
MILES: Are you serious?
ISOBEL: Deadly serious. Wine is not a disembodied essence. It is the product of skill, knowledge, and in many cases, love.


French Kiss (1995), starring Kevin Kline and Meg Ryan.
Kate (Meg Ryan) happens to sit next to Luc Teyssier (Kevin Kline) on a flight to Paris. She unwittingly becomes entwined in his capers. This movie has charming twists in the storyline before we are brought to a French wine country, and Monsieur Teyssier attempts to inspire Kate to describe the wine she tastes. She responds ….

KATE: … A bold wine, with a hint of sophistication and lacking in pretension. …. Actually, I was just talking about myself ….
LUC: … You are not wrong. Wine is like people. The wine takes all the inferences in life all around it; it absorbs them, and it gets its personality.


More information: Hopscotch French Kiss.

Do you know of other good movies that surprise us by adding a touch o’ wine to the storyline?

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