On “Jacqutoberfest” eve

September 30, 2009. My birthday’s in October and I celebrate all month. With friends, but of course, yet I also have a personal celebration by assessing and tending to my goals. A few years back, a friend had deemed the month-long celebration, “Jacqutoberfest.”

And here I was, the day before in my home office, trying to tie loose ends in business, trying to decide when the “birthday month” celebrations with friends would be, and what projects I must finish beforehand. Jacqutoberfest is a very busy time for me. I start preparing for it in September, yet it always comes fast.

And things always take longer than you intend. This afternoon, for example, was filled with sending correspondence e-mails and organizing, and the clock ticked, ticked, ticked without my getitng out for errands. Meanwhile I listened to AccuRadio. Music can take you back in time. Dancing to it can remind you of where you were then as opposed to now.

The good news is, I had to dance to Rock Lobster, without exception and as vigorously as I ever had. It’s a lively, and a long song, so that says a lot.

The not-good news: after the “Down … down!” lyrics and submerging tune – and my of course shimmying down to the floor for this part – I failed to leap up as easily as before. Now, part of Jacqutoberfest tasks — re-mastering the “one leap” back up to songs like that.

See, Jacqutoberfest is intricate and detailed, hopeful and fun. I add extra coal to the fire of my career, and I can’t wait to raise glasses and toast with dear friends. I recommend everyone celebrate their birthday all birthday-month long.

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