Community Feature — Paola Kansas

Gotta love Paola, Kansas, USA!

     ‘Tis about 50 miles outside of Kansas City. It’s a quaint community, with a rich history. And the residents are proud of it. Paola is the Miami County seat, and the home of the Miami County Historical Museum, that wow! has exhibits representing local and regional history, and knowledgeable volunteers who are passionate to elaborate.

My beloved “Residence” sponsor is Paola Inn and Suites. ‘Tis owned by local investors. This represents a tie to the community, and ultimately makes a more personalized experience for guests.

While sojourning in Paola, I discovered that local businesses support local artists — actively.

     Here are features regarding Paola, and insights regarding reasons to check it out.
● Via “Jacquée T. Writer in Residence” TRAVEL: “The picturesque square.”
● Via “Jacquée T. Writer in Residence” VIGNETTES: “It’s Black & White ….”
● Via “Writer in Residence” TRAVEL: “Take a ‘Gallery visits’ excursion”

     And applause to GoBrolly Communications., based in nearby Louisburg.  This Writer in Residence invited the company to sponsorship because I found a significant tie to being on the road and needing reliable Internet connections. I am impressed with GoBrolly personalized, top quality services. This is what Internet users deserve.

Here’s a feature  regarding to the “Jacquée T. Writer in Residence” AMBASSADOR sponsor GoBrolly Communications.

Learn more about Paola, via a Jacquée T. Detours Internet radio episode:

This was recorded at the Paola Inn and Suites, December 2016. 

     It includes interviews with local leaders 
regarding Paola, plus etiquette tips for around the holiday table, and the “A romantic moment, by Jacquée T.” holiday feature

O yes, Paola is a fabulous place to visit, and if you want to stay awhile, enjoy being a guest at the Paola Inn and Suites!

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